Injex needle free injections for Australasia - Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asian Region.

The all new Injects-50 by Comfort-In, the successor to Injex 30 is revolutionising the healthcare industry and individual patient comfort is similar to the Pharmajet and BioJect products sold elsewhere. In medical offices, it is used for needle-free injections. In dentistry, it is used for localised anaesthesia. People suffering from diabetes now have a less painful way to take their insulin. And now, men suffering from ED can also benefit from a less painful way to deliver injections. An enormous advantage of the INJECTS-50 is its long life. The injector is made of durable stainless steel and is good for approximately 5,000 injections. In addition to its small size (96 mm) and weight (75 g), it comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Injects, healthcare with less pain. Your pain free, needle free solution for injections. At the doctor's. At the hospital. At home.


For Dental

Dentists are using the Injex for a less painful way of delivering local anaesthesia. Quick and efficient anaesthesia and thus time saving treatment.

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For Diabetes

Through the skin in a fraction of a second with less pain, no needles, and less discomfort for those suffering from diabetes.

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Erectile Dysfunction

The Injex is perfect for needle-free injections for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, and want to have pleasure without pain.

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How To Use

Learn how to use the Injex correctly for injections. We provide videos, a user manual and other useful information to help you learn.

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Local Anaesthesia

Now, all patients – including children can benefit from a painless and safe local anaesthetic thanks to the reusable needle-free injection system from INJEX.

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Aesthetics / Beauty

The needle-free injection system Injex is used in surgeries with Botulinum toxin Type A, aka Botox by Allergan and Disport by Ipsen.

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Vaccines & Growth Hormones

Injex has been successfully tested on a number of vaccines including the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). Higher security for the nurse and patient.

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Injex For Pets

Now even your pets can benefit from a safe and effective, less painful way of vaccines, local anaesthesia, and other veterinary applications.

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View our collection of related videos of Injex in the news, how to use injex, and technical videos to understand more about needle free injections.

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