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Injex-30 Starter Kit For ED

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Injex-30 Starter Kit For ED

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Replaced with the Injects-50. Click here to view it.

The ED starter kit includes all components listed below:
1 injector
1 reset box
4 adaptors of your choice
10 ampoules U-100 (0.3 ml) ampule
1 cd/video guide
1 user manual
1 black carry bag.

The Injex injector is made from durable stainless steel, is reusable, pen size and easily carried. It weighs only 75 g.
The integrated spring in the injector produces the energy that is necessary to administer the drug into the subcutaneous adipose tissue. A filled with the drug ampoule is screwed into the injector.



This starter kit includes everything you need to start with needle free injections for erectile dysfunction and stop the pain of needles.

Hi, my name is DV, I am now 79 years old and have suffered from ED since 1993. On the recommendation of a Urologist, I inject into the penis a medication called Trimix made by Complimentary Compounding Services.

I have always injected the medication using a syringe and needle but now I use Injex the needle free injection system.

Back in 1993 the thought of doing this was daunting, after a few days of using and discovering how to use the needle, the results were good and once again I was able to resume a normal sexual relationship with my wife.
When I injected the Trimix with a syringe and needle, I found some discomfort from the prick, as the needle enters, but I can honestly say that I have had no pain from the Trimix itself as it enters. I do it slowly so that the Trimix enters and spreads easily. Sometimes the Penis may bend slightly in one direction, this is due to the Corpus Cavernosum chamber on that side expanding slightly faster than the other, it corrects its self as the opposite side fills up.
I am currently using between 20 and 30 units and this gives an erection lasting from 45 to 60 minutes without any problem, if you find that it is staying hard longer, then you may have to walk around, apply a cold pack, this will help the erection subside.

My problem has been that I have been using needles for nearly 20 years and I have felt a buildup of fibrosis, So when I became aware of INJEX, which is needle free, I purchased one. It works, I must be honest and say that it took a while to adjust and find the correct way of using it.

This is how I do it: After filing the ampoule with the required dose of Trimix and loading the Injex with 25 units (you may find that a smaller dose would suit you or a larger one) with the penis in a flaccid or semi flaccid state, decide which side you are going to use, I try and use the opposite side each time, take the penis in the hand, stretch it slightly and using the fingers spread the skin out, use the sterile wipe, wipe an area with the least number of surface veins to avoid , pick the point with the largest clear area, pick up the Injex in the other hand, place the ampoule against the skin and press it down so that you have a slight indentation, hold it steady and press the trigger in one smooth action, the Injex itself may try to move so you must hold it firmly all the time, wait a few seconds before moving the Injex away.

Within 5 to 10 minutes you should have a full erection. Should you find that the Injex moved away, you may find that you end up with partial erection only and a very slight bruising in the area, you may experience a little discomfort but this should go away fairly quickly. As with anything new of this nature it may require a number of attempts and hand adjustments to reach the goal you want. Don’t give up, I had to persevere for awhile as well, before getting the result I wanted. – DV